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“When we talk about a musician and his respect for tradition, we are thinking about language, not custom. The transmission of the codes and uses of specific music is, in most cases, a discontinuous line in which the artist chooses one or several segments to be embedded as a starting point. It’s not like when your dad teaches you how to fish, it’s more like couch surfing.

Above languages ​​there is another tradition: that of making everything you play sound as good as possible. That of breathing, that of generosity, that of imagination, that of sincerity.

And that line is not made up of points. It is ubiquitous.

After all, a metronome defines a tempo, but so does the lurking swing of a cheetah’s shoulder blades.”

(Alfred Artigas)


SOLO Jaume Llombart, Underpool Records 2015

Jaume Llombart, fascinated by the figure of Thelonious Monk (1917 – 1982), decided to record a series of standards inspired by the interpretations that Monk had made.

The Underpool label, one of the most revolutionary, original and high-quality labels of the new jazz scene, is committed to a series of recordings where musicians accompanied only by their instrument have the opportunity to show their most personal side.

Each of the interpretations contains a very particular way of treating time, attacks and spaces of tension that remind us amazingly of Monk.

The album is a delight from start to finish. Ten short songs, interpreted in a very simple way, and precisely in this simplicity lies the greatness of this gem.


"I should care"

"By and by When the Morning Comes"


Sala de conciertos María Cristina Fundación Unicaja. Málaga.
Real Academia de España en Roma. Italia. 

  1. Abide with me
  2. Dinah
  3. Lulu’s Back in Town
  4. Just you Just Me
  5. I should Care
  6. Satin Doll
  7. Just a Gigolo
  8. Nice Work if you can get
  9. Memories of You
  10. Bye bye when the Morning
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