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Canela / Rossy / Llombart

Canela / Rossy / Llombart

Jaume Llombart Trio

“Lost in the Stars”

Carme Canela, an acclaimed singer with a long list of solo projects and collaborations with stellar musicians under her belt, Jorge Rossy, a leading figure in the Spanish and international jazz community, and Jaume Llombart, a brilliant guitarist with a very personal voice in your instrument.

New music album


They have released their first album together as a trio with Fresh Sound New Talent: “Lost in the Stars”.

"Lost in the Stars"
Trio Canela-Rossy-Llombart


The Canela-Rossy-Llombart trio emerged organically from mutual admiration and the desire to make music. The particular sound and timbre of the trio together with the sensitivity, affinity and musical approach of the musicians, take listeners on a fascinating journey through the emotional content of each composition.

"Es Hora De Penetrar El Sueño"
“Lost in the Stars”


The extensive repertoire includes musical gems such as “Diana” by Wayne Shorter and “Lost in the Stars” by Kurt Weill, songs by Brazilian composers such as “Beijo Partido” by Toninho Horta and original compositions such as “Sexy Time” by Jorge Rossy, “Es Time to Penetrate the Dream” by Carme Canela and “Alcolea 129” by Jaume Llombart.

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