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Jaume Llombart (Igualada, 1980) is one of the most emblematic and distinguished guitarists in the territory, with a consolidated career at a national level and who has developed various and repeated collaborations, concerts and tours internationally. He is considered one of the most creative musicians on the current scene, being defined by critics as a versatile, chameleonic and restless artist with his own language and universe.

He graduated from the ESMUC (Escola Superior de MĂşsica de Catalunya) in 2006 and, since the beginning of his career, collaborations and projects with Eladio ReinĂłn (‘TrencadĂ­s’, 2009; ‘A flor de piedra’) have been of relevant importance. , 2012 and ‘Misceladio’, 2015) and Roger Mas (‘Among 3’, 2006; ‘Mason’, 2007 and ‘Transparent’, 2022).

Llombart has participated in countless festivals and performed in a multitude of venues and venues, accompanying and collaborating with renowned figures such as Jorge Rossy (‘Beyond Sunday’, 2018), presenting said project on tour between 2016 and 2020 with Mark Turner, Joshua Redman , Jeff Ballard, Al Foster, Doug Weiss, Joey Baron, Adam Cruz, Billy Hart and Robert Landfermann; the album recorded with Chris Cheek (‘Saturday Songs’, 2016), a project presented on tour between 2014 and 2017; and other various live and/or album collaborations with great artists such as Ernesto Aurignac, SĂ­lvia PĂ©rez Cruz, Sole JimĂ©nez, RJ Miller, Marco Mezquida, Perico Sambeat, Guillermo Klein, Albert Cirera, Bill McHenry, Toni Vaquer, Rita PayĂ©s, Carles Benavent, Laura Noah, Joe Smith, Christian Ugurel, Santi de la Rubia, DeeJay Foster, Fèlix Rossy, Dmitri Skidanov, Jordi Matas, Carme Canela, Celeste AlĂ­as, Laia Cagigal, Mayte Alguacil, JosĂ© Carra, Guillem Arnedo, Dani DomĂ­nguez, [ …]

In addition to his consolidated career as a ‘sideman’ for national and international figures, Jaume Llombart has been a professor at the Conservatori Superior de MĂşsica del Liceu de Barcelona since 2014 and is also notable for various projects of his own: his solo guitar SOLO (‘SOLO’, 2015 ), presented at the ‘Royal Academy of Spain in Rome’, at the ‘MarĂ­a Cristina Unicaja Concert Hall Auditorium’ in Malaga…; Jaume Llombart Sextet, presented throughout the country over the years, where he explores his compositional facet with the continuous creation of new repertoires (‘Live at Robadors23’, 2011 and ‘Magenta’, 2015); trio with Carme Canela and Jorge Rossy (‘Lost in the stars’, 2022); duet with Enrique Oliver (‘Play Standards’, 2007; ‘I surrender, dear’, 2012 and ‘Everything I love’, 2020).

Llombart also composes and arranges music, in addition to his own groups, for other projects by recognized artists, such as the recent collaboration of the arrangement written for the new album by SĂ­lvia PĂ©rez Cruz (‘Sin – Mov.2: La Inmensidad’ from ‘Toda life, one day’, 2023).

Since 2011, Jaume has also led two musical projects of his own: a solo guitar project focused on standards from the Great American Songbook and the Jaume Llombart Sextet, whose repertoire includes many of his own compositions.

Jaume has been a professor at the Liceu Superior Conservatory of Barcelona since 2014.

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