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Oliver & Llombart

Oliver & Llombart

During their 10-year career as a duo they have traveled throughout the country on countless occasions offering concerts in the main clubs and festivals, they also participated twice in the Birmingham International Festival and spent two months at Cafè Brahma in New York.

Llombart and Oliver bring various experiences and complicities to this duo, turning the music into a sincere dialogue full of beauty that confirms that we are facing one of the reference duos in our country.

They have three published albums. In the last one, “Everything I love” (Underpool, 2020) they focused their repertoires on the American songbook, especially the melodies of one of the most prolific parallels in the history of jazz, Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.

Listening to the music of Jaume Llombart and Enrique Oliver allows you to appreciate a unique and avant-garde language, respecting tradition translated to the present in a repertoire that has become classic.

Dúo Con Enrique Oliver


“Everything I love” – Underpool 2020

"Everything I love"

"Georgia On My Mind"



“I surrender, dear” – Filter Jazz 2012

"All too soon"

"I won´t dance"

"Indian summer"


“Play Standards” – Autoeditado 2007

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