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Performed it in solo guitar concert at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome.

Jaume Llombart Sextet

Jaume Llombart has been interested for years in unconventional languages and in ways of composing linked to the field of avant-garde jazz. Their current sextet is a good example: a band that responds to the concerns of its leader and at the same time tries to get out of pre-established forms to seek a more spontaneous and creative approach to the music itself.


Llombart and Oliver bring various experiences and complicities to this duo, turning the music into a sincere dialogue full of beauty that confirms that we are facing one of the reference duos in our country.


The Canela-Rossy-Llombart trio emerged organically from mutual admiration and the desire to make music. The particular sound and timbre of the trio together with the sensitivity, affinity and musical approach of the musicians, take listeners on a fascinating journey through the emotional content of each.

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